21 February 2014

Meet a Local - Mark Van Ryswyk

What was your first car?

Unfortunately it was a Ford Falcon XR6. I traded it on a HiLux and got the “Oh what a feeling”

What are you currently driving?

Toyota Hilux SR5 T/D Auto

What should one consider when looking to buy a car?

Quality remains long after price, colour and looks are forgotten. As the second biggest purchase most of us make (house obviously being the biggest), it is important to get the best product within your our budget whether that is a new or used vehicle. Stick to brands that are committed to building the best product not to a price. Can you put a dollar value on your family’s safety? Also look at future maintenance costs. A cheaper car or something exotic can become very expensive
and hard to sell down the track.

A part from keeping money local and supporting a local business… what are the benefits of buying a car from Skinner Motors?

Not only do we sell the number one brand in Australia with Toyota, we also have the number four brand with Hyundai. We are proud to back up what we sell. We see our customers at the supermarket and down the beach so we have to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfi ed with our service and products. The little things count. Today’s cars are full of features. Being able to pop in and ask for help are just one of the benefits.

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